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The concept of specialty coffee, introduced in the 70s in America, denotes a coffee grown in unique climatic and environmental conditions, giving it a distinctive taste and aroma. It is a careful selection and a targeted processing process to preserve its unique characteristics.

The Specialty Coffee Association (SCAA) defines in depth what constitutes a specialty coffee. It is defined as a green coffee of exceptional quality, roasted with care to fully enhance its aromatic potential and extracted according to strict standards. The focus is on the origins of coffee, the botanical variety cultivated in specific production areas, as well as every stage of the supply chain. A specialty coffee must be free of defects in the raw phase, toasted just before use to preserve all its properties, and reveal its distinctive identity in the cup under the professionalism of the bartender during extraction.
In practical terms, a coffee receives the designation “specialty” only if it gets a score of at least 80 points in the evaluation of cupping, the Brazilian tasting method, according to the protocol of the SCAA.
Today, the world of specialty coffees is introducing new taste experiences, with coffee from individual plantations and lighter roasts. These are distinguished by a higher acidity and aromatic complexity, continuing the evolution and innovation in the world of high quality coffee.

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